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The following warranty return periods apply to all Brand Unlimited products:

1.1 Within 10 business days from date from the date of purchase:

All goods must be returned within a period of 10 days subsequent to the date on the proof of purchase. If the goods do not fit the purpose and description specified, then we will either be granted replacement  of  the product or a refund for the price that you purchased the goods for. However, if the goods are no longer sealed or within the original packaging, a reasonably small fee may be charged  to compensate for the utilization of the good or for the repackaging of the goods.

1.2 Consumer Protection Act Warranty Period:

Within the first 6 months from the date of purchase as indicated on the proof of purchase, if the goods are faulty you may return the goods to the most convenient Brand Unlimited outlet for either a repair, replacement of the same goods or refund the price paid for the goods (refunds based on the amount paid at the time of purchase, it is not subject to price fluctuation). On returning the goods to your nearest outlet please clearly indicate whether you would prefer a repair, replacement or refund. Kindly note that Brand Unlimited will have to first return the goods to the relevant manufacturer prior, in order to confirm a manufacturing defect or hardware problem. Before authorizing  a refund, this process is done to eliminate any damage caused by customers or damage caused through other warranty exclusions.

1.3 Warranty Period:

The warranty period commences subsequent to the first 6 months from the purchase date but within the boundaries of the manufacturer’s warranty. However, under the circumstance that the goods are faulty after the first 6 months of the purchase date as indicated on your invoice, you will be able to return the goods to the most accessible Brands Unlimited outlet for a repair. This clause is subject to the condition that your purchase still falls within the manufacturer’s warranty as shown on your warranty documentation. On your behalf, Brands Unlimited will return the goods to the manufacturer or supplier for a warranty repair.

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