AEG 60cm Touch Control Ceramic-HRB64600CB


Precision heat control

Take control with a hob that has responsive heat control powered by a sensitive touch panel. Set the heat exactly as you need it and go from searing a steak to melting chocolate with the lightest touch. And because such precise heat control means no waste, you now have the power to save the environment and your pocket too.

Elegant, intelligent design

This hob was designed to be luxurious yet utilitarian. The smooth, flat surface makes cleaning hassle-free and the overall design is intended for seamless integration with your work spaces.

Created for safety

Get increased peace of mind with intelligent heat tracking on your hob. You have an instant, clear overview of all the areas on the hob that are still cooling down thanks to the residual heat indicators, which are positioned for maximum visibility and optimum kitchen safety.

Clean as you cook

Because the surface around the pans stays cool as you cook, you can get rid of spills as you go along. Nothing gets burnt on, and there’s nowhere for dirt to hide. So it’s easy to keep the hob area looking pristine – even while you’re still cooking.

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More Features

  • Electronic Touch Control – Complete and precise heat control with just a touch
  • Residual Heat Indicator – Enjoy peace of mind and enhanced safety with a visual representation of which hob is still cooling down
  • 4 Zone Ceramic Hob – Cook more at the same time. Enjoy more versatile meals
  • Frameless Design – Premium engineering and luxury design to complement your kitchen


Product Specifications

Frame type                                          Frameless Square

Dimensions WxD in mm                     590×520

Built-in dimensions HxWxD in mm     38x560x490

Total electricity loading (W)                6500

Cord Length                                        1.5

Hob safety                                          Automatic Switch Off

Gas replacement                                No

Gas replacement                                No

Residual heating indicators                7 Segments

LED colour                                          Red

Additional information

Weight 8.6 kg
Dimensions 490 × 560 × 36 cm





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